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April 9, 2019

The Grapevine Magazine came to Mountain View Sanctuary to do an interview for their feature piece on MVS for the upcoming May 2019 issue.

Be sure to pick up your copy at various locations throughout southern Colorado!

“Vinnie”Vinnie was born as a surprise on April 9th 2019.

We were set to meet the staff of The Grapevine Magazine of Pueblo, CO for an onsite interview. I went to meet the staff and have them follow me back to MVS. I started down the driveway and saw Moshe lay down. It felt odd, so I parked and got out to check on her. She had began giving birth.

Over 20 mins later I called the veterinarian and told him how there had been no progression and I asked if I should pull and assist.

The vet stated that it sounded like the lamb was stuck at the shoulders and that I should begin pulling and assist with the delivery.

After I was able to get a good enough grip, his shoulder adjusted and he was born 🙂

Check out the video of his birth Here

We decided to name him “Vinnie” in honor of the magazine visit, as they arrived only minutes after Vinnie was born.
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