Meet The Residents

Meet The Residents Of MVS
Here you can take a look at each resident of MVS, we’ll rotate the profiles shown so everyone has a chance for their story to be told. Check back often to see who’s story is up next!

Jake & Elwood
Jake (black & white) and Elwood (tan & white) were the very first rescues
to Mountain View Sanctuary in September 2015.
They were rescued from slaughter at ages 12 weeks and 8 weeks, Elwood died 9 days after his rescue in my arms due to pneumonia, we tried to save him from day 1.
Jake was then given a 50% chance of survival, thankfully he made it

Our logo is designed in Elwood’s memory.
Resident Spotlight
Spirit, The White Buffalo Rescue
We need your help for our latest rescue, who was saved from slaughter and who now calls Mountain View Sanctuary home. We were contacted by a wonderful person who had knowledge of an animal, someone in need of immediate rescue. She was going to be killed, skinned and decapitated, with her skin and head put on display.
Spirit is a White Buffalo (bison). She’s was going to be slaughtered by her previous owner but thankfully due to the efforts of a lot of people, she was spared. I was told she’s around 3-4 yrs old. He had a large offer for her skin and head; Which prompted him to make the date for her slaughter. The only way to save her way to match his offer. Thanks to this group of people and a donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) made the generous financial donation to secure her safety, instead of being murdered and put on display, she is saved and will live out her days at Mountain View Sanctuary. We need to raise as much as we can to expand her area. ? We desperately need corral panels to make sure her area is extra secure, feed, and hay. If you have anything that you can donate to us (corral panels, feeders, troughs, fencing, T-posts, wooden posts, hay etc.) PLEASE reach out to us so we can arrange to take it. ?To many people, a White Buffalo is sacred. To others, nothing but a wall decoration. We choose to believe every animals life is worth saving and hers is no exception. They truly are sacred. ? PLEASE consider donating any amount at all, no amount is too small to help.
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