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(see above video)
Phoebe came to us paralyzed. She had gotten caught up in a fence out of state and been down for over 1 week. Her owners here contacted us to see if we could take her due to the strict 1 on 1 care that she needed. We agreed to take Phoebe. The day we picked her up we brought her straight to the Veterinarian for xrays. Thankfully no bones were broken, yet we had no explanation as to why she was unable to stand or move her hind end.

We gave her 1 on 1 attention and did at home physical therapy with her hind legs. At day 7 she started standing and at day 10 she began walking again. The video above was taken about 2.5 mos after Phoebe arrived here. What a difference! Way to go Phoebe!
Rescue Spotlight
Archie was listed as a:
“Goat with broken leg, good for butcher”
I contacted his owner and arranged for us to take him. Just because he has a broken leg doesn’t mean that he deserves to die. Archie is incredibly sweet and loving. His leg was severely broken in 2 places (see our facebook for pics and details). We brought him to the vets and they were able to xray and case his leg. Update to come when we re-check his cast to see if/how hes healed. Stay Tuned!
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